By specifying a Minimum Balance for a Sweep Transfer (eg. $1,000) and a Frequency (eg. Monthly), Astra will transfer any funds OVER that minimum balance every month. 

Say your balance is $1,234 on the transfer date. Your Sweep Transfer will be $234. But if your balance is $999, the transfer will not run that month. 

The benefits of "sweeps":

  • Sweeps calculate the amount to transfer dynamically based on your current balance and run on your desired schedule.

  • Sweeps don’t overly “stretch” your account balance if you have a short term dip in funds on hand – if your balance is less than the minimum you specify, nothing happens.

  • If you have fewer expenses within the recurring time period (well done!), sweeps will transfer more money which can outpace a simple recurring transfer.

Read more about Sweep Transfers in this Article from the Astra blog.

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