To create a Goal you need to start with by creating a Routine. To establish a funding Routine for the Goal, please refer to the “Creating/Deleting an Routine” section of the FAQ.

To delete a Goal, navigate to the Accounts screen and select which Account you would like to delete. To do so, press and slide to the left on the Account to reveal the delete button. Selecting the delete button will prompt a pop-up window to confirm that you do indeed want to delete the account. Select the confirm button to delete the Account.

Important note - You cannot delete an account which is linked to an active Routine as either a source or destination of funds. Additionally, ensure that any account you are closing does not hold funds. If the Account that you would like to close does have funds, please use a one-time transfer to more the funds into another Account prior to deletion.

If you have additional questions about creating or deleting goals, feel free to send us a line at [email protected].

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