Creating an Routine:

To create a new Routine, start by navigating the to the Routines screen, denoted by a lightning bolt symbol on the bottom of the main screen. Selecting that button will take you to the Routines screen.

At the Routines screen you will see a small plus symbol to the right of the word “Routines” at the top right of the screen. Select the plus sign to setup a new Routine.

This screen will provide you with four options: (1) Link a Bank Account, (2) Create a Savings Goal, (3) Create a Transfer Routine and (4) Create a Notification Routine.

Link a Bank Account -  This allows you to connect a new bank account that you can either monitor or use to send or receive funds.

Create a Savings Goal - This allows you to save for something like a trip, big purchase or even to pay down debt with a specific target amount in mind. Savings Goals created this way will have a progress bar to show how close you are to hitting your target.  You fund these Goals with savings or one-time Transfer Routines.

Create a Notification Routine
- Keeping track of the balances on various accounts can be difficult, but utilizing Notification Routines can simplify that process.  Simply select which Account or Goal you would like to track, specify the frequency and type of notification, the threshold for sending the alerts and you are set.  Common use cases for the Notification Routine include setting an alert for when a credit card balance hits a certain level or getting a weekly update on the amount that you have in your savings account.

Create a Transfer Routine - Routines are the small programs that move money between your accounts based on triggers.  For instance, you could have a Sweep transfer that moves all funds in your checking account above $1000 to a savings account once a month, or maybe a Round Up Routine that tracks the spending on your credit card and moves small round up amounts from your checking account to your savings accounts.  If you have a savings goal, you should establish a Routine to fund it in some way.

Quick Transfer - From either the "+" at the lower right of the accounts screen or through the detail screen from an individual account, you can complete a one-time transfer between any two of your financial accounts in just a few clicks.  Select the source and destination accounts from the pull-down menus, set a transfer amount and you are set!

Regardless of which of the four types of Routine you have selected, you now have to decide whether you want that transaction to be a recurring transfer or a one-time transfer.

Next you have to establish the “Source” account that the funds will transfer from. If you want to setup a new source account, you can do so at this screen or you can select “Choose Connected Account” to access those currently connected to your Astra profile.

The next screen will list available accounts, both internal Astra accounts, and external accounts which you can then set to receive the funds through the transfer.

If the Routine is a one-time Routine you will be asked to pick the Source and Destination accounts as well as the amount you would like to transfer between the two accounts.  After you confirm the details of your transfer you can select "Start Transfer" at the bottom of the screen, completing the transfer setup. You are all set!

If the Routine is a recurring Routine, you will be asked to set the amount, start date and either weekly or monthly recurrence. After setting those options, hit the “review” button at the bottom of the screen and you will see a new Routine screen populated with the details of your new Routine. Hit “Save” at the top right to add the new Action to portfolio of Routines. On to savings!

Deleting an Routine:

  • To delete a Routine, navigate to the Routines screen, denoted by the lightning bolt on the bottom navigation bar.

  • Select the Routine that you would like to delete by long-pressing the Routine in the list of Routines.

  • In this screen you will have the option to either Delete or Pause a Routine. If you select “Delete” the Routine will be completely removed from your Routines list as well as your Timeline for future events. If you select to Pause the event, it will remain inactive (denoted by an orange dot in the Routines list) until you open the action again and select Activate before saving the Routines by using the button located top right of the screen.

If you have any questions or are having difficulties creating or deleting an account with your Astra account, please reach out to us via [email protected] and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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